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Submachine 1 ;

First, go up the stairs, take valves under dripping pipes. Go downstairs, enter left door. You go ahead left again and get spoon in the corner under pipes. Come back and down bottom of the stairs. Note the rounded shape of the top of the left-hand assembly. Now, go up the stairs, go left, In mechanisms in which first of round pipes keep as horizontally, so that others vertical turn. Turn the valve putting gaps in place towards top of pipe. Turn right and go right again, go up the stairs, leaky pipe will burst and you will find the right place in a small white pearl. Now, go down and go left and go down, go down again, come into the room clock. Get blog under the stairs. Go down and enter the right door and receive 50 cents in the corner. Make a note on the 4913. What comes after this? You do not even hint :) After it is up to you. Rely on yourself to play this challenging skill game. Success in this action game.

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uye-img Name : lakeirra

this game is hard n makes my head hurt

uye-img Name : Ang

Best game

uye-img Name : ike

confusing but funrn