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Janes Hotel ; Janes who want to operate and build your dream hotel, you will help you in this game. You will allow to gain money running the hotel. You will have fun in this skill game and friv game so much. Even you lose track of time. Everyone knows how much of the business game is enjoyable. Janes hotel game is quite fun and enjoyable. We give them a hotel room by satisfying customers from our hotel. We made tea and coffee keeping clean rooms. There are a amount of money you need to achieve day to day in the game. Janes will win money running the hotel. So that we can enlarge more our hotel. All checks can be done with the mouse in this game. Meanwhile you will need to shop to shop. We can get phone, candlesticks, lamps, new chairs, tables, and mats our hotel. This game also newspapers, flowers, fireplace, painting table and be able to buy a lot more. I would definitely recommend.

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